maXlife 20cm Micro USB lade og data kabel

maXlife 20cm Micro USB lade og data kabe

Fast Charge 2A Micro USB Sort

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Maxlife cable Micro USB Fast Charge 2A 20cm black

Maxlife cable with Micro USB connector. If you have many devices such as speakers, power bank, headphones, smartphone and you are looking for a cable that will charge them all or ensure efficient data transfer, this cable will work perfectly. Especially recommended for newer phone models. The fast charging function will save you precious time. The big advantage is its flexibility, making it extremely functional and easy to use. The robust design ensures correct functioning of the cable.

Packages type: cardboard box

Colour: black

Producer: TelForceOne

Cable length: 20 cm

Connector: Micro

Brand: Maxlife

Data transfer: yes

Charging: yes

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