maXlife Bluetooth earphones active

maXlife Bluetooth earphones active

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Bluetooth Maxlife MXEP-10 black

Maxlife MXEP-10 Bluetooth headset is an ideal music product for active people who can not imagine sports without favorite music. The headset delivers crystal clear sound without distortions. Silicone earbuds are precisely shaped to comfortably lie and do not fall out during daily workouts. Built-in microphone allows to receive and reject the incomming call and last call redialling. The battery in headset allows for several hours of wireless listening to music while the supplied cable lets us easily charge it.

Packages type: cardboard box

Colour: black

Producer: TelForceOne


Bluetooth: yes

Connector: Micro USB

Brand: Maxlife

Net weight: 12 g

In set: ear inserts

power supply cable

Additional informations: microphone (built-in)

Microphone: yes

Earphones type: in-ear

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