Fourze GK140 Gaming Keyboard mechanic

Mechanical Red Switches, Ultimate RGB Lightning and a Scandinavian design. Mix all these performance and key qualities into one - and you have the endgame keyboard any gamer can dream of. The FOURZE GK140 is a compact and sleek designed keyboard for everyone who wants the perfect response for those competitive matches that you just have to win.

The FOURZE GK140 is developed and designed for gamers that demand a stable keyboard with a minimal design. With a combination of black aluminum alloy and various light effects, this keyboard offers a premium quality that suits all gaming setups.

This model is equipped with the awesome and loved red switches, which provides long durability and a satisfying feel to your gaming setup. This RGB keyboard can be switched to many different color combinations or single colors in red, blue or green depending on your choice and preference. This keyboard offers up to 16.7 million color combinations.

Red switch mechanical excellence

499,00 kr.
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Produktbeskrivelse Fourze GK140 - tastatur - nordisk - sort

Enhedstype Tastatur

Bagbelyst RGB/16,7 millioner farver

Forbindelsesteknologi Kabling

Placering og layout Nordisk

Nøglekontakttype Rød kontakt

Farve Sort

Dimensioner (B x D x H) 35 cm x 13.5 cm x 4.9 cm

Vægt 920 g

3 Varer

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