Fourze GH300 Gaming headset

With the FOURZE GH300 you are secured a noise-cancelling effect that will give you the ability to perform in-game without being disturbed from the world outside. The earbuds have at the time been designed with breathable leather to ensure maximum pleasantness even in long gaming sessions.

The FOURZE GH300 provides you with good flexibility to ensure maximum comfort even long playing hours in front of the screen. A combination between powerful steel, flexible rubber and strong leather this headset will not go down so easily.

399,00 kr.
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Produktbeskrivelse Fourze GH300 Gaming - headset

Produkttype Headset - kabling - 3,5 mm jackstik

Anbefalet brug Spilkonsol, transportabel elektronik, computer

Farve Sort

Hovedtelefonmodeller Fuld størrelse

Forbindelsesteknologi Kabling

Hovedtelefonteknologi Dynamisk

Lydudgangsmodus Stereo

Audiospecifikationer Frekvenssvar 20 - 20000 Hz - Følsomhed 95 dB

Impedans 16 Ohm

Støvisolering Støjisolerende

Mikrofon Boom

Kontrolapparat Lydstyrke, mikrofon til/lyd fra

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