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HDMI to VGA with Micro USB...

HDMI to VGA with Micro USB and Audio

Pris 250,00 kr.

This adapter converts digital HDMI signal into analog VGA video. When watching a movie or playing on the traditional VGA monitors or projectors, this converter allows you not only to enjoy their high definition image, but also make you enjoy high quality sound. In addition, if the HDMI sources do not provide the necessary power, you can connect a power...

LogiLink® HDMI to VGA... LogiLink® HDMI to VGA...

LogiLink® HDMI to VGA Converter

Pris 119,00 kr.

This HDMI to VGA converter converts HDMI digital video and audio signals into analog of the VGA interface and audio output. In this way, you can can connect your HMDI device - such as a PC, laptop, game console or DVD player - to a VGA device such as a monitor or projector, and play the audio signal separately, for example, over your speakers.